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You will never know that you can do something until you have done it! That is what is on my mind as I wound up my Sunday and look forward to the new week. This is because I used my evening to taste the depth of the waters with both of my feet by cutting my own hair. It is something I had never done before and that explains my joy as I write this post.

In the area of UK where I live, having a simple haircut is a very expensive venture especially if you factor in the frequency of doing it. It costs me up to 10 pounds in the cheapest saloon and I have to do this at least once every 3 weeks.

A few friends advised me to start cutting my own hair as this is what they resorted to themselves but I wasn’t sure of whether I would be able to make it on my own. Later when I reflected, it made every sense since a good hair clipper could cost only 20 pounds which you can use for some good years. Comparably, I would spend close to 170 pounds a year in the cheapest saloon. Apart from the expenses involved, I have also had bad days where the barber doesn’t do exactly what I want or found the saloon in a poor hygienic state further damaging my experience.

For this weekend, I therefore decided to try out this venture and see how I would get on. I bought a machine which I charged overnight in preparation for use on Sunday. I read the user manual and watched a number of ‘do it yourself’ YouTube videos to ready myself.

At exactly 3:00pm, I put the passively acquired skills to use. It took me 45 minutes to cut, shape and clean the whole of my head. I was surprised that the experience I had expected to be daunting was easy and fun. Checking the work of my hands in the end through a reflection in the mirror made me the happiest. In fact, I was able to do what I have always tried to describe to several barbers and only a few did it perfectly. I then wondered why it had taken me a long time to do this.

From my experience, I have learnt the following lessons:

  • You can never know what you can do until you have tried it out. Yes, sometimes what you think is hard may not be just as hard as you assume.
  • If something can be done by others, chances are high that you can also do it.
  • Fears will always be there but if you don’t take a step to confront them, they will remain a part of you.
  • Putting things in numbers sometimes makes a lot of sense. I quantified my expenses and it became a driver to change.
  • Seek information from different sources on the venture you want to undertake before hand.

As I go to bed tonight, I am filled with this sense of accomplishment and I just can’t wait for the compliments I will receive about my well shaved head tomorrow. I am also sure that I wont spend my money in the saloon ever again but will have the perfect hair cut and never worry about hygiene anymore.

Is there something you have always wanted to confront but thought you didn’t have the guts? I can assure you that you will conquer it.