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Today as I was perusing through my Instagram feeds, I came across this proverb posted by African proverbs.

NoseOne of the reasons I love proverbs is that they help to convey very complex ideas in a very simple, intelligent and understandable way as evidenced above.

To start off, everyone has a nose, right? But why? – Because we all breath, not so? So if your nose can do that, why would its beauty matter?

Realistically which is more important, is it the beauty of the nose or its ability to perform its primary function?– and then what can you do about it? Put differently, would you rather have a beautiful nose that can’t breathe?

We need to learn to appreciate ourselves in all ways from our looks, achievements and the people in our lives. It is a waste of time worrying about the things that you have no control over and can never change.

This short but powerful proverb may strike a chord with many of us because of our tendencies to always forget the important things in our lives and rather focus on those that don’t even matter. With such an approach, we end up living lives full of regrets, non-responsibility and unfulfillment which eventually prevents us from fully living and achieving our dreams.

Focusing on what matters however, will not only help us live and enjoy the present but will also enable us to focus our energies on the things and persons we love and then love them deeply everyday and not just on Valentines day like today is. We shall in fact avoid wasting time on insignificancies in our lives, which I believe we already have enough of.

Indeed, there is a lot that matters in life than just the size or shape of our noses that can already breathe. In one of my earlier posts, I shared some of my life’s motivations, which guide my day to day decision making and emphasized why it is important for everyone to be clear about their values, you can read that post here.

The power is in our hands to decide to start living healthier, happier and more productive lives today and not wait for tomorrow. We can choose to have a beautiful nose that doesn’t breathe or love the breathing one we already have. Happy Valentines day!