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Due to my participation in a career development programme, I recently took a values-based indicator of motivation test. These and two other tests (The Type Dynamics Indicator Form & Learning Styles Indicator) were a requirement before day one of the training. Although all the tests turned out very interesting, for purposes of this post, I will only share my results for the Values based indicator of Motivation test.

Values are those things that are most important to us and thus guide the way we live and work. Indeed, it has always been said that life is more satisfying if we live according to our values.

They actually warn that if we don’t live according to them, we run a risk of always feeling wrong, less energized and less connected.

On the other hand, knowing our values makes it very easy for us to make decisions and recover ourselves whenever we are lost.

In taking the test, we are advised to be as honest and truthful with ourselves as possible so as to enable the test to reflect our true self. I did exactly that and I am 99% confident that the resultant report was a true reflection of thyself.

My top six conscious values according to the report are as below (These are in order of importance):

  1. Well-being

Like many other people, I take a deep interest in my health and well-being and to me, this comes first before anything else. This outlook could have been influenced by my studies in a health related field but even before then, I still used to be very conscious of every little thing I did to my body. I thus prefer doing a lot of exercises, balancing work and life and eating healthy among other things.

  1. Excitement

I love being excited and will seek out every single opportunity to fulfill this desire. In short, I try to live for the moment, after all, I will only live once. Spending my free time with friends, touring places, attending parties and just laughing about life makes my days. In the report they actually stated that fun-loving individuals are often fast living, expect instant results and are usually not weighed down with the ‘baggage’ of the past and I mean who wouldn’t want that. Let’s work towards it buddies!

  1. Personal Growth

Well-being and fun aside, I value personal growth more than you can ever imagine. I am always opportunity hungry and seek out all the chances life offers me. May be that explains why I applied for the career development programme in the first place which is now helping me discover so many things about myself.

  1. Integrity

Do I really need to talk about that? Okay I will share a quote and move on:

Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions.” — Maria Razumich-Zec

  1. Influence

Influence! Influence! Influence! How would the world be without you? Indeed, without you, how could we make a difference in the lives of others? I mean, how we could we even think of changing this world without you? The world not only needs leaders but influential leaders. Next,

  1. Connection

Anyway, how would life be without you my friends? Who else would have read or liked this post if it wasn’t for you. I therefore say thank you for connecting and hope you stick around long enough. My network may not be very broad but it is satisfying to me. I am actually more interested in depth than breadth. All in all, I prefer close and warm relationships with people like you.

Those pretty much summarize what I value most in this simple life of mine today. Self-discovery is many times empowering. How about you dear friends, what is most important to you? Is there something we have in common? Or is there something you would advise me to change about these values? And by the way, how do these values rank in your life? Hope to read from you in the comments.