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Today I woke up thinking; how about we the fans of football utilized the same energy & passion we usually use in demanding for trophies from our Club managers in to demanding for trophies from our governments.

Many times if a manager loses just a single game or ends a season trophyless, the fans become ruthless, aggressive, rude and call for their resignation or sacking even before their contracts end. Interestingly, any person u meet on the street will have a very strong opinion on who should be sacked and why. A case in point is when David Moyes, the Manchester United manager (2013-2014) was sacked even before the end of his first season following the poor performance of the team he was presiding over. The fans too were angry about the performance of Manchester United and were baying for his blood.

The question then is; if we can apply such pressure towards football Clubs which we subscribe to by choice (after all we could easily decide to stop fanning them); we never even pay any subscription fees and neither are we involved in the selection of the managers, we are not even sure these Clubs know about our existence; how much pressure should we then put on our governments that we vote in to power, subscribe to through citizenship and/or democracy (not necessarily choice), pay taxes to, and we are sure know about our existence.

Are our governments giving us the trophies we need? How many seasons (years) have we lived trophyless lives with them and never demand anything? How about our Clubs, do we even allow them to go for just a single season without a trophy? You have the answers.

Allow me conclude by congratulating the Arsenal team, manager and fans upon winning the FA cup trophy after a long drought of 9 years.